Sharpi for First-Responders

Introducing AI in audio processing – a paradigm shift!

Curious to hear how Sharpi performs on your own noise samples? Try out our advanced demo! (OBS: this demo works ONLY with Google Crome)

Never before has it been possible to deliver critical messages with such precision in demanding situations.

When first responders are on duty, facing the highest cognitive demands, extreme focus, efficient collaboration and clear communication is key. 

Sharpi brings the future of audio processing to the right place, at the right time. The very latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence allow Sharpi to determine real-time what part of an audio signal is noise and what part is speech, enabling Sharpi to act as an intellignet layer that absorbs disturbing noise and only allows speech to pass through the microphone and radio. Sharpi works by mimicking the brain’s own advanced speech detection processes, sorting out which part of the audio signal is relevant and which parts is noise. Consequently, the first responder can focus on his job in stead of dealing with interfering noise. 

Minimal size, maximum security

  • Sharpi Voice Enhancement is embedded on a micro chip of size 5.5 x 5.5 mm 
  • can be integrated directly into a microphone og radio module. All audio stays on the chip, no online connection is required. 
  • Ultra low power consumption of merely ~806μW.

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