Bad Sound Kills Good Communication

We enable effortless communication beyond what the world has seen before. We are a unique team dedicated to deliver state-of-the-art technology to make a true difference for people in real-life communication situations. Bringing to life the future of audio.

An Experienced Extraordinary Team

We are a unique team with 40+ years of experience in artificial intelligence, research, and software development from the Danish audio industry and Technical University of Denmark. Combined with unique insights in auditory and cognitive neuro science, we have a true passion to make a difference for people in real-life situations.

Exceptional Performance. Easy Implementation. Robust Solution.

Our state-of-the-art technology enhances speech while suppressing noise real-time in challenging acoustics. We translate cutting edge academic research in artificial intelligence into deployable self-contained software components, which can be integrated seamlessly with microphones and speakers in any audio system. Robust and customisable.

Highest ambitions

Our voice enhancement does not stop here. AI is revolutionising DSP in these years. We continuously integrate recent neuroscientific insights and latest technologies into our product pipeline. Our ambition is to bring super-human hearing for all mankind. Because we believe this will improve human interactions; saving lives and increasing life quality for billions of people.


Who we are

We are a company driven by a strong purpose and passion: To enable people in challenging acoustics to communicate better. Hearing is one out of five human senses, and too often, communication is inhibited by various acoustic communication barriers. If acoustic communication barriers were removed, most people would have one less problem to take care of in all situations. Enabling them to focus on what they need to do.

Our exceptional team is determined to bring the very latest technological capabilities from AI to life. We gained our original insights in neurocognitive audio processing, AI, and software development via degrees of M.Sc. Eng., PhD, and Associate Professorship combined with more than 40 years of experience in the Danish Audio industry and research in cognitive systems at the Technical University of Denmark.

Here we are in action at the big Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas 2023





DTU Science Park
Diplomvej 381
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby