Unlocking the Power of AI:
Empowering Human Communication

AI has already revolutionized smartphone photography and text generation, and now it’s time for audio to undergo an extraordinary transformation. Our mission is simple: we want to make communication effortless and impactful for everyone.


Among our five senses, hearing plays a vital role in our connections with others.

Disrupted conversations not only affect the information we exchange but also hinder our ability to engage and build relationships.

Our vision

We have identified the remarkable potential of AI in enhancing speech, breaking down barriers that were once considered impossible to overcome. AI has defied expectations and conquered the longstanding challenges that have puzzled audio DSP engineers for decades.

The transformative power of AI surpasses traditional methods by more than tenfold in terms of performance. Moreover, AI has a broader reach, benefiting not only those with hearing loss but also anyone facing challenging communication situations. Whether at home or work, poor sound quality impedes fruitful collaboration, drains our energy, and causes unnecessary fatigue and stress.

Fortunately, change is on the horizon. We have embraced the challenge of enabling a future where superhuman hearing is within everyone’s reach.

Embrace your true potential and join us on this incredible journey. Together, let’s redefine the way we communicate.

About us

We are a purpose-driven company fuelled by passion. We firmly believe that our mission to enhance communication for individuals in challenging acoustic environments enables them to  focus on what matters most. And be better versions of themselves. 

With an exceptional team that combines expertise in AI, cutting-edge psychoacoustics, and software development, we are dedicated to transforming cutting-edge research into practical, real-world products. With over 40 years of experience in the Danish audio industry and cognitive systems research at the Technical University of Denmark, our team possesses a wealth of knowledge and innovation. Holding M.Sc. Eng., PhD, and Associate Professorship degrees, we bring a deep understanding of our field to drive progress forward.

Martin Bergmann


Mette L V Carstensen


Christian Ravn


Jes Olsen


What Our Partners Say

“The work environment is important, not the least when the 112 Operators always need to be ready for whatever can happen, and Augmented Hearing’s voice enhancement is powerful technology improving the cognitive health”

— Christian Falberg Goth
CIO | Head of IT, Digitalization & Shared Service

“Augmented Hearing is developing groundbreaking technology that will be applied in areas such as voice assistants, hearing health, environmental noise cancellation in calls and many others.”

— Nikolaj Hviid, CEO

turnkey solutions for

earbud software


edge AI semiconductors

“Augmented Hearing’s background in Hearing Care and AI allowed them to put together technology that draws from the benefits of both technologies and matches perfectly with GAP9 streaming, DSP and Neural Network compute engines.
Furthermore AH technology scales gracefully in compute complexity and
latency to address diverse use-cases such as voice call and ultra low-latency
face-to-face speech intelligibility improvement.”

— Emmanuel Gresset, VP Business Development


DTU Science Park
Diplomvej 381
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby