Critical communication.
Critical tasks. Critical timing.

AI enables razor sharp communication in the most critical situations.


Increased Speech Intelligibility

38% improvement in speech intelligibility. 66% improvement in signal-to-distortion ratio*.


Reduced Noise Exposure

Too much noise exposure is unpleasant. And unhealthy. Humans can cope with noise for a limited amount of time but should never be excessively exposed.

Increased Mental Focus

When speech is more clear and noise exposure is reduced, humans don’t just have a more pleasant and healthier work environment. They also have better conditions to focus on their tasks at hand, reacting faster and more accurately.

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Curious to hear more? Try out our advanced demo! (OBS: the advanced demo works ONLY with Google Crome)

Unclear communication in critical situations can result in lost lives and lost missions. Sometimes a message is incomprehensible. Some times is is just wastes too much precious time and attention.

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Minimal size, maximum security

  • Delivered via native C code library, or embedded on a micro chip of size 3.7 x 3.7 mm 
  • Can be integrated directly into a microphone, speaker, radio module or software platform.
  • All audio processing is local, no online connection is required. 
  • Ultra low CPU and power consumption.


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