Level up your virtual presence!
Introducing Sharpi, the sharpest voice expert for modern video calls.

Use Sharpi to be heard, connect, and impact others.

Be perceived more competent and charismatic*

* “Women, Be Aware that Your Vocal Charisma can Dwindle in Remote Meetings”

Draw attention to your message

Comes across clear and articulate, naturally and intuitively

With Sharpi’s AI, communication is transmitted both in sound and in energy.

Stay on top, while also increasing your audience’s energy levels and spontaneous interactions. As a bonus, you reduce everybody’s stress and fatigue**.

Current video meeting solutions are often draining and limiting our natural spontaneous way of interacting. Zoom Fatigue  has become a part of many people’s daily work life**. This is not so strange, considering the sound quality that people are often exposed to in video meetings. Speech carries the intended message in a meeting, and nevertheless, the sound quality of the transmitted speech is often very poor and unnatural. The unnatural sounding voices subconsciously create communication cleft between people who are trying to interact with each other.

Sharpi uses AI to reconstruct voices as they naturally sound. The human brain spent thousands of years evolving its unique perception of speech. The sound we live with in video conferences is not natural as it is distorted, compressed, and lacks spatial cues. By making voices sound more natural, we make the brain’s job more intuitive and less tiring.

** “Technological Factors Influencing Videoconferencing and Zoom Fatigue”

Keep private things private.

Regardless whether your background scene consists in colleagues talking on the phone, café background noise, or domestic sounds when working from home, your privacy is protected. Sharpi gates your microphone so only your voice is allowed to pass.

Whether your work from home, from a busy cafe, or from a crowded office space, we’ve got you covered. What is going on in your background shouldn’t distract or concern the people you are talking with. Only the sound of your voice is allowed to pass through your microphone.


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